Resume Objective Writing and Samples
Technician Resume Objective

Resume objective is important for any candidate and any job profile, be it for teaching or be it for a technician. The unique way to write a technician resume objective is being innovative and sincere towards the job. The main thing one should try to highlight in a resume is the genuineness and desire to be in the organization. That is why it is important to portray your capabilities well and at the same time attract the recruiter’s attention. Now the question is how do you do it? A simple tip to write objective of technician resume is to detect your sell-able qualities. The following points will tell you how to do that: Go through the job description in the advertisement or the source from which you came to know of the vacant position Do a quick survey online on what are the different responsibilities a professional handles in other companies Compare your experience according to the information you get Study about the company’s profile. Have a look at the services they offer to the customers, letters or the products they manufacture, etc. More you know about the company and the competitive requirement of a technician, better it is for you to analyze yourself Based on these points you will get a fair amount of idea about writing a good technician resume objective. If you think your experience is your strong point, you may highlight that by mentioning in your objective how well you did your job in your previous organizations. In case you wish to highlight that you possess skills and expertise in a particular area which is required in the company, make sure you prove you have it in you with proper examples from your experience. If you wish to highlight your academics, in case of say, a job as a medical technician, you can do so and write about your best score. At the same time do mention how you think that will help you perform better in the actual job front. This is how one tries to grab attention and carve out a niche for oneself even before meeting the recruiter or employer in person. To survive in the competitive world today one should try to be as sell-able as possible in the resume itself, as it acts as an launch pad for you.

Good Resume Objectives

The resume objective is the resume statement to discuss your career plan with the employer. This section should be written in compliance with what the employer is looking for. It is always present in the beginning of resume immediately after the contact details of the applicant.Resume objective is important part for resume it is the small statement which tell about the applicant.

 Different resume objective examples is given in resume site. It is the appropriate place to convince the employer that you are most suitable applicant for the position and you can handle the responsibilities very well than any other applicant.

You can use the resume objective when you are targeting any particular job. If you are writing the resume for generic purpose, to apply for variety of jobs, you can use summary of qualifications instead of objective statement.

Get Good Recruiter Resume Objective

When you are applying for any job, you will have to send your application to the recruiter. He/ she will overview your application and decide your relevancy for the job. What if you are applying for the job of a recruiter? How can you design a recruiter resumes objective and overall resume. Here are some recruiter resume objective examples to help you know how you can design the objective statement for such positions.

Job Description

A recruiter recruits the employees in the company. They have to interview the candidates and examine their skills. They have to check whether the candidate is suitable for the job or not. Recruiters have to visit colleges and universities and conduct the campus interviews for choosing appropriate candidates. Technical recruiter is required to hire the candidates for technical jobs with technical qualifications. These recruiters can also work for the personal agencies and consultancies of their own.Here is sample for recruiter resume objective.

Skills for Recruiter Position

If you wish to work as a recruiter for any organization or for the personal agency¸ you need to possess certain set of skills. You will be interviewing the candidate, hence you should know exactly how the process is carried out and what are the questions to be asked to the candidate. You must be an excellent communicator. Here is the list of skills required for the recruiter:

  • Strong interpersonal communication

  • Ability to perform research

  • Know the policies of different companies and the structure of management

  • Question the candidates regarding different aspects like technical skills, personality and qualifications

  • Time management

Sample Resume Objectives

For Experienced Candidate

From my years of experience in recruiting, I have gained lot of knowledge about the field and I understand all the positives and flaws associated with it. With my excellent interpersonal interaction and organizational skills, I can manage all the associated activities, understand the requirements of the employers and perform my work efficiently

For Entry Level Candidate

As a newbie in the field, I am keen to learn the work culture and procedure of my job profile. I will try to learn the things quickly and implement them in my work for better and easy understanding of the work related concepts

For Internship Candidate

As a trainee, I would like to understand the exact work and nature of the profession. I would like to know the processes involved in the recruitment and keep on implementing new strategies in my work to better my performance

You can design a perfect objective statement for your recruiter resume going through these sample objective statements. Various pharmacist resume objective sample also given. See carefully what details are included in these statements and get a winning career statement for you.

Resume Objective Template

Objective statement is a vital part of any resume. This section is present in the beginning of the CV immediately after the applicant’s contact details. As it is in the beginning, there is increased possibility of this section being read by the recruiter. Hence, you need to give special attention on listing the details in this section. Here are some tips to explain you how to write the career objective for different jobs and what is the best format for it. You can refer the resume objective template for writing your objective statement. Ready made templates will provide you the necessary instructions on what you can include in your career statement and how to design your future aspirations.

Importance of Resume Objective

Employers are quite busy people and they will not have time to go through your entire job application. They will overview your application and look for the job relevant information in it. Job objective section is positioned in the beginning of CV. It is the 2-3 sentence paragraph describing about the position that candidate is seeking in the organization. Hence, there is increased possibility of this section being read by the recruiter. It can help employer in knowing about the applicant’s interest in the applied position so that they can decide whether the candidate is worth being interviewed.

Within this short paragraph you must explain to the employer why you are the most appropriate candidate for the position. Now you may think how you can include your skills, experiences, accomplishments, etc., all within three line statement? The answer is quite simple. You don’t have to list all your details here. Discuss your most important and most relevant job skills and explain to the employer how you can utilize them in your work to increase your efficiency.

The purpose of resume objective is to get you a chance to appear for the job interview. This part will introduce you to the recruiter. Hiring managers will not know anything about the candidate and resume is the only document they will be referring to know the history of the applicant. But, due to more number of applications and lack of time, it is not possible for recruiters to go through the entire job application. They will just read the career objective and overview the application. same as mortgage resume objective. As they will be reading your objective statement completely, you need to write it in an outstanding way to hold the employer’s interest in your details.

Below are some examples of objective statements for different jobs.

Objective Samples for Different Job Positions

For Administrative Assistant Job (Experienced Candidate)

An experienced candidate with 5 years of experience working as an administrative clerk looking for the position of administrative assistant in a well established organization. With my strong administrative skills and excellent interpersonal communication, I can work efficiently as an administrative assistant and prove to be a valuable asset to the company

For Network Administrator Job (Experienced Candidate)

More than 4 years of experience in an IT industry makes me eligible and most appropriate candidate for the job of network administrator in a reputed organization. resume objective template. My knowledge in maintaining the computer network and troubleshooting the related problems will definitely help the company to work without interruption and hence, increase the efficiency and performance

Clinical Assistant Objective Statement (Entry Level Candidate)

As a beginner in the field of clinical research, I am looking forward to work as a clinical assistant for any health maintenance organization where I can utilize my knowledge and written communication skills in a proper way

Template for Writing Your Resume Objective

Template 1:

Seeking the position of ……….. in an established organization where I can put my ………. years of experience to good use. I would like to improve my ……….. skills and interpersonal communication and set up strong business relations with the clients

Template 2:

With an experience of………………, I am looking forward for an opportunity in a well known organization where I can grow in terms of knowledge and put my existing skills and knowledge to good use

Template 3:

Effective interpersonal communication, strong knowledge of documentation, consistency and reliability developed from my previous experience working as ………….. will definitely help me in future. Hence, I am looking forward to work as a ……….. to utilize my past knowledge and implement my existing skills to learn new techniques and improve efficiency

Template 4:

As a beginner in the ……………. industry, I would like to work on my management skills, business etiquette, and ethics to bring sharpness in my work. My quick learning ability will help me in learning the work culture quickly and increase my competency

Figure Skating Coach Resume

figure skating coach resume

Grace, adroitness, dexterity, balance, beauty, elegance, finesse, you can go on. But none of these adjectives alone or together can quite express the charm of those figures flying on ice! They move, glide, fly together; synchronizing their movements and win the spectator’s minds. You feel that you cannot experience anything more blissful than this. And then you wonder how great that person would be who made this possible, who taught them the grace and made them fly.

It is the job of the figure skating coach to teach young minds how to control their bodies and not fall down while executing the tight curves and spins. This is a functional resume template of a figure skating coach, who has been teaching figure skating for quite a while. He himself has won many accolades in this field and is now helping others do the same.

Guy Sean

328, Jay Square ST,

Jacksonville, FL 47262



To obtain position as a coach of the national figure skating team and help my country bag more medals at the Olympics by giving the sport a scientific makeover

Work experience:

Figure skating coach

National Team, 2009-Present

·        Coached the pair that won the Gold medal at the national level competition in 2010

·        Responsible for the management of the teams that were to participate in the World Championships

·        Helped in organizing the World Junior Figure skating championships

Figure Skating Coach

ABC Club, Miami, 2005-2008

·        Responsibilities included coaching the teams that went for selections at the national level

·        Coached many skaters, who went on to represent the country at the Olympics

·        Managed the club’s gymnastics department

·        Handled the overhaul of the club’s sports department


Diploma in Sports Management

Florida University, FL, 2002-2004


·        Won a silver medal in the ice dancing event at the 2003 Olympics

·        Also won several medals during my Diploma at the National Level for consecutive three years. this is resume objective explain for figure skating coach.

·        Participated in the Men’s Singles events in the World Championships in the year 2002

Personal Details:

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 210 lbs

DOB: 1/12/1983

Marital Status: Single


 Will be furnished upon request

Strength and Conditioning Coach Resume

Strength and Conditioning Coach Resume

A strength and conditioning coach provides training in a scientific way to athletes, thereby helping them improve their performance. Many a times, improper training techniques or regimen can lead to injuries to the concerned athletes. Hence, it is of utmost importance to train them in a proper way by following the prescribed exercises only. This is so because some exercises might be detrimental for the activities of the athletes in particular formats of sports.

            Strength and conditioning coach can be employed by professional athletes or athletic teams. They can also find employment in universities and health clubs. This coach is not a cheerleader or a scientist or a lab technician. But his role involves motivating the athletes to perform better every time. He should not be expected to count the repetitions, mount weights for athletes and so.Figure skating coach resume information available in same way.

We provide you with a sample resume of strength and conditioning coach:

Oliver Goodman

347, South 83 ST,

Springfield, MA, 23568,

Contact No. : (264) 816-6379

Email Id:



To obtain the position of strength and conditioning coach in a university through which I would be able to help the institution excel in sports

Professional Experience:

Endurance Sports Club (2008-present)

Strength and conditioning coach

  • Coached the athletes in a scientific way so as to improve their performance
  • Provided individual coaching to some of the elite members
  • Scheduled the training and practices sessions for the athletes
  • Also published a booklet each month suggesting ways to avoid injuries. assistant coach resume.

Longevity Club (2005-2008)

Strength and conditioning coach

  • Implemented a special program for athletes which helped increase their stamina and endurance
  • Oversaw the training regimen of the sports division of the club
  • Provided guidance for the workout sessions and helped optimize the exercise types
  • Assisted the injured athletes in rehabilitation and suggested them appropriate medicines

Educational qualifications:

Master of Science in Sport Training (2005-2007)

Boston University, MA

Bachelor of Science in Sports Management (2002-2005)

Boston University, MA


  • Possession of extensive knowledge of scientific ways of weight and endurance training
  • Meticulous attention to detail, achievement of flawless training methods from athletes
  • Also aware of various medicines required during emergency injuries and first aid
  • Specializes in treatment and rehabilitation of injured athletes

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: 1/12/1980


Will be furnished on request

Resume Objective Writing and Samples

Resume is composed of different sections and all these sections are equally important for presenting your details to the prospective employer and highlighting your qualifications. Here we discuss the importance of the resume objective in your resume and see some resume objective samples to help you get an idea of writing this section.

Objective section in the resume is used to convince the employer that you possess the necessary qualifications and are willing to work on the applied position. It will tell the employer about your future goal that you have planned to accomplish working on the position in the company. You must explain to the employer how you can be beneficial to the company when you are achieving your personal goals.

Stating this section  in the resume is not compulsory; however including it will enhance the quality of your resume and it will provide better idea of your aim to the interviewer. When included in your CV, this section is present in the beginning section immediately after the contact details. Instead of career objective, you can include the career summary stating short description of your past career. It is not necessary to include both these sections; however we see many resumes containing both the career objective and summary.

Writing the Career Objective

When you are describing objective  in your CV, it should not be generic. Rather, it must be job specific and written keeping in mind the position you are applying for. You must know what the requirements for working in the particular position are and determine whether you possess these qualifications. Writing the resume example objective in accordance with the applied position will provide you better chance for being considered for the position.

Resume Objective Samples

  • Looking for the XYZ position in the established organization to boost up my acquired skills and gain more useful skills to work efficiently and benefit the company
  • Seeking the position of ABC in the renowned company where I can make effective and appropriate use of my management skills to organize the group of people for generating desired result and lead to self and company’s progress
  • A clinical practice assistant looking for the similar position in the health care organization to help the patients, provide them basic medical care facilities and gain satisfaction and peace of mind by helping the needy
  • Looking for the position of the software team leader in the leading IT company to make proper use of learner IT skills and acquaint myself with more job relevant skills and in-turn benefit the company with proper leadership
  • Possess excellent decision making, problem solving skills along with leadership qualities and strong communication, hence looking forward to work as a customer service executive in the leading IT company for effective utilization of my skills and learning more job specific skills  
  • Possess excellent search engine optimization knowledge for increasing the site traffic and delivering maximum information to the users. Looking for the position of a SEO in the leading web development company to put these skills to proper use and learn more job relevant skills

These samples will provide you clear idea of writing the objectives for particular position. You can make necessary changes in these samples to match your applied job profile.